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Montreal boasts a large number of attractions, with endless ideas for Chol HaMo'ed trips, entertaining and educational sites, or in general, to give tourists (or natives!) a great time.

Our family favourites include the Old Port, Beaver Lake, a couple of apple picking places, bowling, etc. You'll find many of them listed below, but you'll find higher energy destinations as well, with rides, boating, and in winter - skating, skiing, sledding, etc.

On our KehillaPages Attractions List, we've selected a few of the more notable places.

Please help us add your favourite attractions, and let us know where you've been and what you think! We're always improving our content.

450-462-xxxx [show]
2975 boul Moïse-Vincent
Saint-Hubert, QC   J3Z 1K2

2nd location:
3925 boulevard Curé-Labelle
Laval, QC H7P 2P1 ;
Tel: 450-688-9222 ;
e-mail: (KP)

Nature ropes course. Three locations of amazing activities in the trees, plus apple picking & playgrounds for young children. Reservations required! (KP)

514-868-xxxx [show]
4777 Pierre de Coubertin Ave
Montreal, QC   H1V 1B3

A museum of the environment, housing four ecosystems including the flora, fauna and landscapes of each: tropical forest, polar regions, Laurentian forest, and St. Lawrence marine environment. Fascinating for all ages! (KP)

514-872-xxxx [show]
4101, rue Sherbrooke Est
Montréal, QC   H1X 2B2

A gardener's dream - over 20,000 types of plants and flowers, artfully arranged in gardens and greenhouses. There are also special exhibitions of sculptured plants and flowers. And a garden wouldn't be a garden without "bugs", and therefore, an Insectarium is included on site. (KP)

450-444-xxxx [show]
525 ch. de St-Jean
La Prairie, QC   J5R 2L2

An inviting path surrounded by trees, flowers, cascades, stony grounds, and a magnificent 18-hole mini-golf course. This enchanting scenery is the set of an ideal recreation area for the whole family. (KP)

514-848-xxxx [show]
4338 St-Denis
Montreal, QC   H2J 2K8

Choose an artistic mold and let your talents go to work. A fun afternoon, especially on a rainy day. (KP)

Laval location: 565 St. Martin Ouest, 450-669-9399

450-978-xxxx [show]
2150 Autoroute des Laurentides (near Highway 40)

See how the astronauts learn to go to space. Hands-on activities, video presentations on outer space, large room with all the planets in life size, Imax, presentation on space, and lots more. (KP)

514-457-xxxx [show]
21125 ch. St-Marie
St-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC  

Visit many different kinds of animals in their natural habitat. Walk through the nature path and then go indoors for more animal fun. (KP)

450-632-xxxx [show]
110 Saint-Pierre Street
Saint-Constant, QC   J5A 1G7

Contains locomotives, rolling stock and memorabilia chronicling Canada's railroad history. Allow 30 minutes minimum. (KP)

NOTE: On Monday, October 13th, 2014, Exporail is open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Outdoor site closes at 4:00 p.m.)

514-872-xxxx [show]
5100 St-Laurent Blvd. (at Laurier Ave.)

Impressive collection of firefighting memorabilia. Admission is free but a donation is requested. Volunteer-operated. (KP)

Big park, right next to La Ronde (the amusement park) (KP)

514-725-xxxx [show]
5196 Rue de la Savane
Montréal, QC   H4P 2M8
514-861-xxxx [show]
690 Sherbrooke St W
Montreal, QC   H3A 1E9
514-252-xxxx [show]
4141 Pierre De Coubertin Avenue
Montreal, QC   H1V 3N7

Montreal's Olympic Tower is 165 meters tall (540 feet), inclined at a 45 degree angle, and curved in shape. It affords a spectacular view of the city and the surrounding area up to about 80 km (50 mi), and similarly it can be seen from far away - e.g. from the 43 km marker in St Jerome on Autoroute 15. There is a ride to the top ("funicular") that manages to stay horizontal, despite the curved path, as it ascends. (KP)

Housed in a former fire station, this museum will immerse you in the day-to-day history of Montreal and its evolution from 1642 to the present. Join workers in a 19th-century factory. Enter a 1940's living room Travel by streetcar. Guided tours, videos and slide shows for the entire family. (KP)

Laval, QC  

An enchanting place where kids can try out, act out, and creatively experience a variety of careers and occupations such as cashier, teacher, construction worker, farmer, sailor, and even weatherman -- complete with all the props! Highly recommended for little ones. (KP)

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