Visiting Montreal?

About Montreal

Montreal is a charming city, full of character, with European flair, yet North American convenience!

There is a wealth of tourist sites to enjoy, suitable for young and old. Montreal has the Olympic Stadium and its surrounding attractions, Mount Royal Park, summer Festivals, the Old Port, the underground city, to name a few; and in winter - the best skiing and winter sports less than an hour away.

The Jewish Community in Montreal is robust, rich in its history and endowed with many institutions and services to offer its population.

There are many shuls, schools, "mosdos" (religious institutions), eruvim, restaurants, etc. in the Community which the Kosher Visitor to Montreal will appreciate.

Montreal is the headquarters of the Va'ad Ha'ir of Montreal, whose Kashrus arm is the internationally renowned "MK".

The Jewish population is known to be warm and welcoming...

... And, last but not least, you've got this website to guide you in finding what you're looking for in our neighbourhood! (If we don't toot our own horn, who will?!)

Resources for the Visitor to Montreal

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